Repair Your Air Conditioner Unit

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Repair Your Air Conditioner Unit

I live in the southern United States. This part of the country experiences extremely hot summers. Therefore, my air conditioner is an important fixture in my home. A few years ago, it unexpectedly stopped working one balmy July day. The temperatures in my home quickly became unbearable. In order to get relief from the sweltering temperatures, I contacted a local HVAC contractor. This individual came to my home and inspected my air conditioning unit. After his inspection, he told me that he only needed to make a simple repair to my system. In a few minutes, I had a working air conditioning unit again. On this blog, you will discover the most common types of repairs completed on air conditioning systems.


Where To Place Your Air Conditioning Unit To Help Prevent It From Working Too Hard

It might seem natural to place your outdoor air conditioning unit in a place where it is convenient and out of the way. However, you have to put a little more thought than that into where you place your unit. If it's in the wrong place, it may have to work that much harder, which can drive up your cooling bills and cause your unit to wear out more quickly. These are a few things to remember when choosing the right spot for your air conditioning system installation.

Place It In A Shady Area

If you place your air conditioner on a side of the house that is exposed to the sun, you have to worry about the unit getting really hot on sunny days. This means that the fan on your unit has to work that much harder to try to keep the unit cool, which can drive up your air conditioning bills and can cause the fan motor and other related parts to wear out prematurely. Instead, look for a shady side of your house, preferably under shady trees that will help keep the unit nice and cool on even the hot days.

Install It Away From Bushes

It might seem like a good idea to place your unit near bushes and other decorative plants, which can help disguise a not-so-pretty air conditioning unit that you might consider to be an eyesore. However, thick bushes that are too close to the outside of your air conditioning unit can affect the airflow into the unit, making it harder for the air conditioner to keep itself cool.

Put It In A Place That's Easy To Clean

Another thing that you'll want to consider is how easy it is to access the area around the air conditioning unit so that it can be easy to clean up. As leaves and limbs fall, for example, this lawn debris can pile up around and on top of the unit. Debris can get into the unit, causing the fan and other parts to bind up and fail to work properly. Keeping the area around the unit raked can help prevent this problem, and you'll also need to keep an eye out to ensure that no debris gets into the unit. if it does, you may need to hire a heating and air conditioning professional to come and remove it and check for potential damage.

Placing your air conditioning unit in the right place is important. Luckily, following these tips can help you choose the right place for your unit. If you start having trouble with your unit and need assistance, look for companies in your area that perform heating and air condition repairs.