Repair Your Air Conditioner Unit

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Repair Your Air Conditioner Unit

I live in the southern United States. This part of the country experiences extremely hot summers. Therefore, my air conditioner is an important fixture in my home. A few years ago, it unexpectedly stopped working one balmy July day. The temperatures in my home quickly became unbearable. In order to get relief from the sweltering temperatures, I contacted a local HVAC contractor. This individual came to my home and inspected my air conditioning unit. After his inspection, he told me that he only needed to make a simple repair to my system. In a few minutes, I had a working air conditioning unit again. On this blog, you will discover the most common types of repairs completed on air conditioning systems.


Dangers Of DIY Work On Rooftop AC Systems

If you have a rooftop AC system, think twice before climbing on the roof to perform some DIY maintenance or repairs. This type of AC system isn't a suitable candidate for DIY repair; if you try it:

You May Burn Your Hands

The panel that houses the AC unit on the roof usually sits in direct sunlight. This is because the panel is typically made from metal, which absorbs heat rather well. This means it can get heated to seriously high temperatures, especially during the hot months. Touching such a material with your bare hands, or letting it touch your naked body, can cause serious burns.

You May Slip and Fall

Anything that involves working at a high height, or specifically working on the roof, is too dangerous for novices. There is a real risk that you can lose your footing, either when ascending or descending the ladder, or when walking on the roof. The risk of falling and rolling down the roof is even higher if it has a steep slope.

You May Damage the Roof

Any roofing contractor will tell you that walking or working on the roof poses serious damage to the roof. The damage can come in different ways, for example,

  • The friction between your shoes and the roof can damage the shingles
  • Accidentally dropping tools on the roof may damage it
  • Falling on the roof may damage it
  • You may accidentally step on weak parts of the roof

The Panel Doors May Hurt You

The panel doors, which have been established as being metallic, can swing under the force of strong winds and cause you serious injury. The risk of this happening to you is especially high if you don't have experience working on such systems. At the same time, you need to open the doors if you wish to work on the system. Professional technicians know how to secure the doors to avoid damage even in strong winds.

The Fumes May Choke You

Your rooftop AC may emit some gases, such as natural gas or refrigerant if it is malfunctioning. Such gases may choke you and cause you to lose your footing and fall. The ensuing injury or damage to the roof can be serious.

Therefore, if you suspect something is wrong with your rooftop system, consult a technician to handle the diagnosis and repair. The most you should do is to inspect the rooftop unit from the safety of a ladder.

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