Repair Your Air Conditioner Unit

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Repair Your Air Conditioner Unit

I live in the southern United States. This part of the country experiences extremely hot summers. Therefore, my air conditioner is an important fixture in my home. A few years ago, it unexpectedly stopped working one balmy July day. The temperatures in my home quickly became unbearable. In order to get relief from the sweltering temperatures, I contacted a local HVAC contractor. This individual came to my home and inspected my air conditioning unit. After his inspection, he told me that he only needed to make a simple repair to my system. In a few minutes, I had a working air conditioning unit again. On this blog, you will discover the most common types of repairs completed on air conditioning systems.

Signs That You Need Your Home's Drain Line Cleaned

While you may know how to recognize some of the most common household plumbing issues, many homeowners don't understand how to recognize problems with their home's main drain lines. If you do have main drain problems, a drain cleaning contractor can certainly address them. However, it's in your best interest to know how to recognize those problems as early as possible to make the drain cleaning process as easy and successful as you can. Here are a few things to watch for that may mean that you need to call a drain cleaning contractor.

Pests In Your Drains Or Sink

If you notice fruit flies, drain flies, or similar insects in your sink drains, that's a sign that there's decaying food, grease, and other particles lining your drain pipes. While these are the most common pests to find in your sinks and drains, they aren't the only ones. If you start to notice larger problems, such as mice or similar rodents, that often means that you have a break in your drain line somewhere that's allowing them access, but it also means that there's residue in the drain line that they are feeding on. You'll need to have the broken line repaired, but you also need to have the drain lines thoroughly cleaned to remove residue and prevent blockages.

Black Residue Around Your Drains

The presence of black residue building up around your drains is a significant cause for concern. The black residue is usually the result of backups from your drain lines, and it's typically sludge from your septic system. You'll need to talk with a drain line cleaning contractor about having your drain lines cleaned to eliminate the blockage that's causing this backup.

Pungent Odors

One of the most common problems that can arise from drain line backups and residue accumulation is pungent odors coming from your drains. You'll typically notice them when you stand directly over your sink, but over time, you may start to smell odors throughout your kitchen or bathroom. If you're noticing foul odors from your drains, that means you have debris and food particles decaying in the pipes, causing the odor. Your drain cleaning contractor can help you to address that residue and eliminate the smell.

If you've noticed any of these issues, or even just general drainage problems, you should call a drain cleaning contractor to evaluate your drain flow and condition. The sooner you have the problem addressed, the easier it will be to restore your drain pipe function.